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"Becoming a mother was overwhelming..."

When I became pregnant, I struggled. And after giving birth, I struggled even more. Between intense anxiety, depression and postpartum insomnia, I simply didn’t have the energy or mental bandwidth to focus on my own needs. And shopping for my new postpartum body was definitely too overwhelming. After one too many shopping trips ending in tears, I said I wished there was a mall full of stores designed just for the moms. So, I decided to do just that!

Becoming a Mom Can Be Overwhelming

As a new mom I really struggled with all of the physical changes and finding clothing I felt comfortable in. I had no idea how long it would take until I began to feel a little more like myself, not just physically but mentally as well. I desperately needed new clothing but I was too overwhelmed to shop around, in store or virtually. I know first hand that when you are sleep deprived and/or struggling with your mental health, even the most basic tasks can feel impossible. This is why I am so passionate about finding so many amazing small businesses for the moms and making it easier to shop for YOU! ❤️

Janey Over-Belly High Shine 7/8 Legging - Speckled Black
The Ellis Duster
The Breathe High Leg Brief
The South Hampton Blouse
Solidarity - Hands Free Nursing & Pumping Bra Fixed Padding - Onyx (Black)
The Logan Breastfeeding Cami
Endurance - 7/8 Length Performance Convertible Joggers - Slate
Donna V-Neck Ruched Cloud Tee - Black
Janey Over-Belly Ultra Soft 7/8 Legging - Black
Janey Over-Belly Ultra Soft 7/8 Legging - Peppered Pink

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Supporting Each Other Through Motherhood

I know how lonely motherhood can feel. And I know just how much it helped me when another regular mom shared that she was struggling with the same thing. This is why it's so important to us to share all of YOUR stories - both the beautifully special moments and difficult messy parts of our parenthood journeys.

Hey mama

You Deserve More Support

We know how hard it can be to find great maternity products so we've curated everything from maternity leggings to kinesiology tape!
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You Deserve Better Sleep

We curated a collection of some of our fave products to help you relax & unwind for a better night sleep.
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You Deserve a Better Recovery

Postpartum is HARD. And messy. And sometimes magical too. We've curated a collection of amazing products for a better recovery.
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You Deserve More Self-Care

One of the hardest things I've struggled with is taking care of my own needs as a mother. I miss face masks & long bubble baths. So, here's a collection of items to help inspire you to have a mini spa day.
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New Mama Bundle
I Am Nurtured
Gift Card
Morah Motherhood
from $45.00

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